Design Wavelength: 700nm


Tunable: 680-720nm


Isolation: > 60dB (67dB Typ.)


Transmission: > 80% (90% Typ.)


Fixed Operating Range: 6.5nm


Clear Aperture: 4.7mm


Power Handling: 40W, 4kW/cm2


TOPTICA’s product line of Faraday Optical Isolators are specially designed and manufactured in-house by the laser experts of TOPTICA to give industry leading performance in dual stage configurations. Dual stage models provide at least 60dB isolation and 80% transmission (> 67dB and >90% average) over individual wavelength ranges in total spanning 640-1100nm. All models are wavelength adjustable and can handle power densities up to 4kW/cm2.

High Isolation, transmission, and power densities are achieved with precision PBS polarizers and precisely designed Faraday rotator elements. Most isolators have magnetically locked and removable protective endcaps and mounting fixtures. All internal optical components are angled to eliminate collinear back reflections. Extensive individual, wavelength-specific testing guarantees performance of each isolator. All optical sub-components are inspected upon receipt, and all assembled devices are tested for transmission and isolation over their design wavelength ranges before shipment.

TOPTICA’s isolators enable state of the art protection for the most stable lasers in the world. These are the same components trusted by TOPTICA in the industry-leading DLPro, DL100, TA-SHG, and TA-FHG product lines. They have been demonstrated to effectively reduce feedback in external cavity diode laser systems, block reflections from free-space fiber coupling, increase power stabilization in optical systems, and eliminate feedback-induced damage to sensitive optical components. The same superior isolators that make TOPTICA lasers the industry standard are now offered individually.

Custom and OEM isolator requests are welcome. Please contact us for more information.

PDF documents for download:
TOPTICA isolators are used in all of the following products.

Stabilized tunable diode lasers: Broadband stabilized tunable diode lasers: Amplified laser systems: Frequency converted diode laser systems: "Guide Star" laser for astronomy: Frequency combs:
Click the link below to download the TOPTICA isolator manual.

Isolator Manual